Figurative Art. ‘’Wildflowers.’’

Item number: 010

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This is original artwork. I made it with brushes, palette knives, and fingers. Ready to hang. Vertical. Unframed.



NAME: ‘’Wildflowers.’’


SIZE: 18’’(W)x24’’(H)x0.75’’(D).

MATERIAL: Stretched canvas on a wooden frame.

STYLE: Impressionist.

Customization is available if you would like your last name and the date of purchase to be written on the back of the oil painting. This order will make the piece nonrefundable or nonexchangeable. Processing takes one more day to allow the new paint to dry.

SHIPPING: Free shipping only for Canada and the USA.



We can find beauty in our homes, relationships, neighbourhoods, new ways of connecting, and Mother Nature outside our windows. All we need is to want to make it.

It is so great when we decamp to a peaceful state of mind with carelessness and breathe fresh air from where the sun is lit; we feel free. These thoughts inspired me to create that artwork.

It is excellent to collect outside beauty to make your inner world bigger.