Artist's BIO.

At the Beaux Arts Show, Brampton, Ontario.


I was born in the 2nd half of the 20th century. In a country that is no longer on the globe,

It was a great and terrible Soviet Union.

At the beginning of the XXI century, I moved to Canada, the province of Ontario, with my husband and children.

As a fashion designer in the past, I used a pen or pencil to draw clothes, but all my professional life, I dreamed about oil painting creation.

One day, despite being eternally busy—growing kids, taking care of family, and so on—I just told myself:

Stop dreaming and start creating art on canvas by turning your dreams into reality.

Special THANKS to the “YouTube’’ Academy.

My statement.



Painting is a pleasure and a way to express my inner world and emotions.

I am impressed by the possibilities of fine art in showing beauty to everybody who wants to see it.

Let’s make our planet brighter and more colorful, and I am always here to help with that.


Elena Gaevskaya.

Nik Gaevski. 

Co-owner of ArtByElenaG.

Some of my thoughts as my wife, ‘’art director.’’


Life's beauty consists of simple things. We need to learn to see it. My wife's art on canvas dramatically assist in this sense. I cannot imagine our home's interior without her oil paintings.