Figurative Art. ‘’Anticipation.’’ This painting will be on exhibition at the Orillia Museum of Art and History until July 14, 2024. Those who are interested in buying it should contact the Museum's authorities.

Item number: 009

 Elevate your home decor with handcrafted original art, or present it as a gift to her.


This is original artwork. I made it with brushes, palette knives, and fingers. Ready to hang. Horizontal. Unframed.



NAME: ‘’Anticipation.’’


SIZE: 24’’(W)x18’’(H)x0.75’’(D).

MATERIAL: Stretched canvas on a wooden frame.

STYLE: Impressionist.

Customization: To make the order custom, I can write your last name and date on the back of the oil painting. This order will make the piece nonrefundable or nonexchangeable. Processing takes one more day to allow the new paint to dry.

SHIPPING: Free shipping only for Canada and the USA.



The history of that painting is straightforward: Anticipation.

Sea, sunset, dreams. Of course, everybody could add something more. For example, when your life first meets the sea, you are excited to see the waves, the far horizon, the unusual clouds, and the fresh, warm wind that blows your mind.