Figurative Art. ‘’On top of the unstable world.’’

Item number: 004

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This is original artwork. I made it with brushes, palette knives, and fingers. Ready to hang. Vertical. Unframed.



NAME: ''On top of the unstable world.''


SIZE: 15’’(W)x30’’(H)x1.5’’(D).

MATERIAL: Stretched canvas on a wooden frame.

STYLE: Impressionist.

Customization: To make the order custom, I can write your last name and date on the back of the oil painting. This order will make the piece nonrefundable or nonexchangeable. Processing takes one more day to allow the new paint to dry.

SHIPPING: Free shipping only for Canada and the USA.


This painting is a new version of the famous "Girl on the Ball" by Pablo Picasso in 1905. There is a significant difference between now and then: a young acrobat girl balances on a ball while under the supervision of a powerful man, with a serene landscape in the background. Now, I see this lonely, fragile teenager struggling to balance the instability of our world. We all know about global warming: deadly fires in Australia, California, and Alberta, tsunamis, and hurricanes. I finished this painting in January 2020 but added some changes at the end of March: the sun of a new world looks like a coronavirus.

Can we do something to give our children a better world? That is why my painting, which is the first variation, is titled "All we are saying is give the world a chance" (after John Lennon's famous "...give peace a chance ").