Portrait Art. ''Across the Times.''

Item number: 002

You can elevate your home with this original painting.


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I made this original painting with brushes from the photo. Ready to hang. Horizontal. Unframed.



NAME: "Across the Times with Johannes Vermeer."


SIZE: 20’’(W)x16’’(H)x0.75’’(D).

MATERIAL: Stretched canvas on a wooden frame.

STILE: Impressionist.

Customization: To make the order custom, I can write your last name and date on the back of the oil painting. This order will make the piece nonrefundable or nonexchangeable. Processing takes one more day to allow the new paint to dry.

SHIPPING: Free shipping only for Canada and the USA.


Johannes Vermeer created a portrait named "Girl with Pearl Earrings." in 1665.

One night, I had an epiphany about my modern version. Attributes like piercings, dreads, and tattoos have been famous for ages, but now they are trendy among young people.