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Published on 24 June 2024 at 17:00

In the first story, we hear from Charlie, the ginger cat.


"How Do You Determine That This Painting on Canvas Is Yours?" 

A brand new chapter waltzed into my life, uninvited and unexpected.

Can you imagine this, my dear friend?

My loveable family just found me a few months ago.

 Oh, I'm sorry. Let me say hello.

 Hi, my name is Charlie, and I'm a ginger cat.

What does "real loveable family" mean for ginger cats? You may not understand what a cat goes through.

Also, since you're already reading my story, I consider you a friend and an art fan. I hope you agree. Thanks a lot.

I'm trying to remember my first home or where I was born, but I can't. 

The second nasty family that took me in briefly had two dogs.

That's how "glad" I was. These dogs were "friendly," they ate my food, and their smiles were "lovely."

They played an irritating game with me where they bit and kicked me. 

That made the third family my favourite. Would you like to know why?

First, I love it when homes have a home gallery. It is easy to imagine.

Second, I saw a little-known portrait painting of my grandfather. At that moment, my jaw dropped because I thought I had never liked portrait art.

Yes, I caught my grandpa with a beautiful, charming young woman who looked thoughtful and mysterious in some of the artwork on the wall.

...I will tell you about the other paintings on canvas when I have time, as I am currently gazing out the window.

Do you know a cat that doesn't look out windows?

Now, my new acquaintance, tell me, who impressed you more in this wall art—my grandfather or the young lady? Do not hesitate, please.

I say farewell, my buddy, but I pledge to keep in touch and exchange news, thoughts, and ideas.

Please let me know your thoughts on my story. I look forward to hearing from you.

This artwork (where my grandfather depicted with a young lady) was dubbed "Comforting" by my mistress. By the way, this art is for sale in her art store. Click on the page if you would like to purchase it and give it as a housewarming gift. 

See you soon! Yours, Charlie.

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Yuri Vachenko
9 months ago

I really like this!

Elena Gaevskaya
8 months ago

Both on a painting are beautiful!