Does life inspire fine art?

Published on 20 February 2024 at 11:45

Dear reader, I say hello.

Charlie, the orange cat, is returning to be with you today.

I heard this jaw-dropping story by chance and would like to tell it to you.

Recently, my host shared this astonishing story (from real life, which later inspired my mistress to write a series of original paintings on canvas) with his guests.

Seville (itself reminiscent of the famous paintings of the Old Masters) was in second place on that trip through spellbinding Spain. We will never forget it. 

We were successful in purchasing tickets for a Flamenco Academy dancing performance.

Even in the parking lot, there was a sense of terrific energy.

The hall was inspirational and welcoming, and there was a bar counter with a good selection of local wines.

The first time we saw the Flamenco Academy, we drank terrific wine and watched the art show. We caught the breathtaking installations and artwork of famous flamenco dancers.

We rushed into the hall for the last showbell. But spectators have already taken the best seats.

There was a small theatre with a stage in the middle and two rows of seats on either side.

We had two spots on the right side, next to the four-step staircase the dancers used to get to the stage.

During each dance, they walked by us at arm's length, and we were amazed by how enthusiastic each of them was.


The first dance enthralled and mesmerized the crowd. The audience burst into cheers. I suddenly realized I was carrying a glass of wine.

I helped him get to the edge of the stage and then joined the crowd in cheering. 

The following fascinating dance was done by the prima of this Academy.

She sped up to the stage, went right past us, and her long skirt knocked over my glass of wine.

I quickly picked it up with the remaining wine, but most of it stained the stage boards with blood marks.


Her dance told the narrative of a woman's heartbroken
love and the meaning of love for woman. This exciting story is about flaming love and outrageous betrayal.

Along with the loud sound of her shoes, a fast guitar beat was in the background. And her eyes showed anger or love. The guitarist could figure out every step she took just by looking at her heel, and his fingers played magic on the strings.

She stayed naturally and teary-eyed in charming character as she bowed to the crowd's cheers at the end of the dance.

While running away from the stage, she stopped next to us and looked at the ruby spot on the stage with wide eyes.

I apologized silently, only using my lips.

We walked for a long time, evening through the narrow, rocky streets, excited and shocked.

We will remember that night and the show forever.

Seville gave us and our souls a warm welcome. 


The warm light of old lanterns took us back to this fantastic city's hidden past.

ElenaG finally made a set of artwork called Flamenco after we got home.


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Nik and ginger cat Charlie.

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