How art on canvas can remind you of life episodes.

Published on 5 February 2024 at 12:24

An individual at the art fair (where we exhibited Elena's oil paintings on canvas as art for sale for the first time) shared this incredible tale with us.


A jeep jumped out of the dense bush about half a mile from the runway, and machine gun fire started.

Luckily, the uneven terrain did not allow the shooter to conduct aimed fire.

I turned around in the cabin of my plane, saw that Jane was already on board, and began to accelerate for takeoff.

I executed a few manoeuvres that I had performed several times during my time in military aviation, and we were able to penetrate the cloud veil as the machine-gun fire escalated, even though multiple jeeps had already emerged.

Although it's a brilliant plan to fly in the clouds where the shooters can't see you, the clouds will suddenly part.

I was prepared to encounter anti-aircraft fire as I made my way down the route, as I knew I would have to cross the so-called front line at some point.

On the left, picture-perfect scenery unfolded as a painting on canvas by an artist from the mid-century.

Over the meandering, murky river, the dying sun cast a faint mist that swirled in spots. Densely forested treetops rushed downhill to the river, abruptly turning around on the steep banks or rolling back into the savannah, strewn with plants.

This view also reminded me of landscape paintings from the National Gallery of London, but not of reality.

Through the gaps in the fog, herds of antelopes and elephants could be seen out at a drinking well when, on the spur of the moment, two things occurred at once.

A complete circle—not a semicircle—emerged on the horizon, a rainbow of unparalleled splendor.

The first event happened at this time, and the second involved machine-gun and anti-aircraft fire, the explosions of which resounded like lit clouds on each side of the aircraft.

The front line appeared below.

After rerouting the plane, I gently guided it to the rainbow circle's centre while silently repeating the prayer words my grandmother taught me when I was a little boy.

The anti-aircraft fire intensified, but I instantly realized that the Lord had placed His hands under our plane so nothing terrible would happen to us.

Red Cross medical personnel assisted in the unloading of wounded patients who we had transported from a nearby African country's conflict zone once we successfully landed at the scheduled location on the route.

I embraced my wife, Jane, and we headed to our tent.

It was the final leg of our journey to Africa on behalf of the Red Cross and our last flight.

Our long-awaited return to Canada was supposed to take place tomorrow.

The man continued to stare at a single canvas, which showed a rainbow, as he recounted the event.

A semicircle of the rainbow on Elena’s painting brought back memories of his flight to the centre of the ring rainbow, even if the art's plan on canvas was based on the Dominican coast.

Original painting: ''Somewhere under the Rainbow.''

In my turn, I want to ask you, dear reader: Have you met cases like that one, or maybe some of the plots of some paintings reminded you of something extraordinary? As always, we are waiting for your comments.

See you soon.



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