How to Find Your Spot.

Published on 22 January 2024 at 12:59

I am ready to embrace you, my friend.

Ginger cat Charlie is with you today again.


As you know, we, the neighbours' cats, occasionally meet to discuss various subjects. Cat Jimmie told us this story. He overheard it from his hosts.

Plus, my owner jumped at the chance to turn this tale into a #blog post on his website. (He is currently attempting to find ways to advertise ElenaG's #artwork for sale online.). Which is more foolish, being naive or stubborn? As a ginger cat, I can't decide.


But let's get back to history.

Once, the father gifted his old automobile to his graduating son. But the son became enraged when he saw the car coated in dust.

As expected, the young man fantasized about the latest modern-edition vehicle rather than the old one.

"You try to show this one to somebody who can buy it," the father replied, seeing his son's reaction. Get some cash.



The son received a recommendation of at most $300 in the initial garage.

When he returned home with a scornful expression, his father instructed him, "Try more elsewhere."

The second-place candidate recommended $500.

The son has returned home, exhausted and without hope. His father said, "Have you heard anything about the old car lover's club?"

The young man's mouth was wide open in amazement. They hand out $50,000 to him. He dashed back home and broke the news to his family. And his father advised him never to give up. Second, you must locate a location where people will understand you and provide you with the best pricing.

It all works for the paintings, too, my buddy. Every artist understands how tough it is to find the appropriate individuals to appreciate their work. And everyone, from artists to entrepreneurs, is looking for the correct path to success.

There are countless instances throughout history of people recognizing a specific artist too late.

That is why my host now researches and advertises on social media and works with his website. (I pull a sad face here once more.)

As for me, I don't care about any of this because I want to know what a joyful existence is like.

And I see weak smiles, guys, on your faces only when your work requires ten or more hours daily.

My host arched an eyebrow at me, indicating that I was probably thinking too loudly.

I couldn't help but notice his sarcastic tone.

What do you know about the process of creation? How many artists reach the pinnacle of achievement and only remember the happy moments, not the difficult ones? And history has plenty of examples.

From Rafael and da Vinchi to Picasso and Mark Shagal, and as Salvador Dali once observed, "A true artist is one who inspires others, not one who is inspired."

I was attempting to rejoinder when our hostess emerged from her studio with a big smile, holding a fresh painting that had just finished two minutes before.

She looked tired yet delighted. We both went silent and looked at her exquisite #Still Life painting with open mouths.


Then I went to the bowl with my nuts, trying to understand everything I heard.

''Autumn Delight,'' by the way, was the title of that artwork, and, of course, this #art painting is for sale and might be used as a #housewarming gift.


Those interested in purchasing it should visit ArtoGalleria ( in the footer of this page.) 


See you next time, my friend.


Charlie is my name.

Original oil painting: ''Autumn Delight.''

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