And then the #painting got brighter.

Published on 15 January 2024 at 11:33

 Events happened at dizzying speed, yet he predicted them with expert automaticity. He already had the impression that fate was on his side today.

Smiling at his momentary feelings, he fully realized that the years of preparation would pay off today with the long-awaited gold medal.

He got off to a tremendous start, springing up and successfully taking the first curve of the track.

Despite the danger, he cut the entry to the following turn along the chord and kept on his skis once again.



The weather was excellent, with light frost and brilliant sunlight.

The frozen track allowed him to slide at full speed and change directions horizontally and vertically.


So far, everything has gone swimmingly. He grinned to himself.

All that remained was to appropriately gather in front of a little springboard, following which there was already a broad exit to the finish line.


He gathered himself in a fraction of a second and strongly flew higher, already seeing and hearing a happy mass of fans at the finish line, when he was thrown into darkness by a sharp blow from above.

A drone recording for a TV channel unexpectedly dove into a ski racer flying at high speed in front of all the spectators. Inertia threw the body that landed on the track over the barrier. The pine trunk then stopped his movement.

He regained consciousness after a two-week coma.

He opened his eyes while still sleeping, since he could feel the world around him. His peripheral vision sharpened again, and he could listen to sounds that had before been inaudible.

In the periphery of his vision, he made out what appeared to be a doctor and a nurse rushing about. But the artwork on the opposite wall captivated him, and he found it impossible to look away.

The still life's appealing, vibrant colours supposedly gave it a mild yet pleasant aroma.

Flowers and the aroma of flowers weren't very significant to him in his prior life. Even more so, he couldn't fathom that #art on canvas—much less #still life painting—would fascinate him.


A few days later, when he was already wheeling about the hospital in a wheelchair, the on-call nurses would frequently find him sitting in front of a still life, staring off into the distance.

The play of light and shadow, the colour palette, the changes of one colour from dark to bright, and especially these charming tiny bees stood out to him.

He Googled the author's name and spent the next hour perusing her site.

He rationalized for himself the events that led to his hospitalization. He could have passed by painting and remained disconnected from fine art in any other circumstance.

His Majesty Chance planned to reveal more for him in this way. He was sure this still life had some miraculous effect on his recovery.

Before he was let go, he visited the webshop page at and purchased several paintings, including a duplicate of the still life with the beautiful bees.

He thought that #artwork websites had some sense in them.


The tricolored cat Jimmy (he and his owner just moved in down our street) told me this story, and you may choose to believe it or not. When I told my host this story, he published it as a #blog post.

See you later, my friend.

Your Charlie and Nik.

P.S. Those interested in purchasing ElenaG's still life should visit Artogalleria at at the bottom of the footer.


The original painting: ''Bee Happy. June.''

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