How to Find Your Man.

Published on 1 January 2024 at 12:00

She got up early because she was looking forward to something good happening. When she was a child, this usually happened on the morning of her birthday.


She even hummed the tune while in the shower, which surprised her.


Then she took a long, hard look at herself in the mirror and decided that her friend was right when she told her to hire a personal trainer and chef at a gym.


While making coffee, she will call her friend to ask about Jimmy, whom her friend had taken in while she was on vacation. Jimmy was the name of her cat.

Instead, she returned to that fantastic night for the millionth time in the last 24 hours.


At last, she put on her favourite evening dress and went to the dance club at the ski lodge that night.

The men in the hall looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and admiration.

However, an outstanding man in a fine suit and an unbuttoned shirt collar approached her across the hall as if anticipating the events.

Then Piazzolla's Libertango started playing, and it was all very suggestive and alluring.

She let go into the vast, unrestrained depths of this melody.

To concentrate on the feeling of his light but confident hands delivering the proper directions, she closed her eyes and nearly forgot that the orchestra was playing. His command accelerated her movements as he alternately pushed her away or pressed her imperiously and passionately against himself.

Such an event has never occurred in her life before.


Eventually, she surprised herself by readily agreeing to ski down the snowy alley.

The sky above seemed like a mystery dome, lit only by the faint glow of city lamps.

He rounded the corner at the end of the alley but couldn't avoid tumbling into the snow.

She fell on her back while attempting to pull him up and laughed at his clever ploy.

How well did he do the long, passionate kiss they were sharing?

She finally opened her eyes, and when she did, she saw something amazing.



Clusters of red berries hung from the branches of the bush tree above them, strikingly contrasting with the night sky.

The beam of light from the lamp let them see these groups of rubies.

It looked like a picture of the Old Dutch had been taken out of a museum and put in the frosty air.

But when his phone rang, this fairy tale came to an end. His face became strange and stern right away.

"I'm sorry, but I must leave immediately due to unforeseen circumstances." That was the last thing she heard from him that evening.


She checked out of the hotel the following day and went to the valet. There was a pervasive air of negativity.

Despite this, when she approached the car, she halted abruptly, her gaze drawn to the branch with ruby berries under the windshield wiper, where a white piece of paper with a short message read, "I will definitely find you."


The doorbell rang again, making her jump out of her thoughts this time. The young guy tilted his head and joked, "Madam's delivery service," before giving her a rectangular cardboard box with the ArtByElenaG logo.


She was already in the kitchen when she opened the package. To her great joy, she found a #canvas with a #still-life painting. The centerpiece of the design was a rowan branch in a clear glass vase.

The bright red of the berries, with barely noticeable green leaves, stood out against the smoky background. She looked back at yesterday’s Rowan branch and saw, to her surprise, barely noticeable green buds of future leaves on it. She thought. It was a clear sign of new changes.

She also found a John McDowell postcard inviting her to dinner later that night.

Her expression lit up, and she made a mental note to give her friend a ring the following day.


Hey there, pal. A ginger cat named Charlie is here.

And let me explain: I'm sorry this narrative is so long because I didn't want to leave anything out.

Jimmy, a friend of mine, has recently told me this story. I am glad that Jimmy's owner had a Still Life painted by my hostess.

I am also happy that the website is becoming more popular.

By the way, Elena made a new version of Still Life depicting a branch with red berries.


Are you interested in this #art on canvas? Do you want to find an excellent #housewarming gift? Go to the webshop page or use in the footer.


I want to ask you, my friend, what you think. When creating a picture, does the artist assume that it can mean a turning point in life for someone?


You know the importance of your comments to me; I eagerly await them.

See you—your Charlie.

"February.'' Original oil painting made by ElenaG.

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