Quotes from Art and Cat lovers. Part 2.

Published on 25 December 2023 at 09:38

**If you have a female cat, not a tom cat, you should never discuss a woman's portrait with your wife as a work of exquisite art. Otherwise, you will feel isolated.


 **You thought you liked fine art more than anything else. But then a cat showed up in your home...

**If you made your rendition of one of Botticelli's paintings, show the original to your cat; he will always side with you.


**If landscapes dominate your home gallery, your cat will not spend the night there.


**Paintings in the home, like cats, are believed to provide a distinct environment of warmth and comfort.

If you already own a cat, you know what to do next.

**Do you like the woman's portrait?

It is not confident that your female cat will enjoy it.

If you have a tomcat, go ahead and get one.


**If a still life of game or fish emerges in your home gallery, your cat's tastes will change.

**No matter how many paintings you have in your home gallery, your cat will occasionally deliver a dead mouse to your door after a night away.


**It has been demonstrated that having a home gallery fosters a particular bond between your cat and you.

**Nothing builds your cat's faith in you like an oil painting of him.


**Show your cat the hashtags before you add them to your Instagram post. Cats rarely make errors.

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