Quotes from Art and Cat Lovers.

Published on 11 December 2023 at 11:24

**Don't show a new original art to a hungry cat - first, feed your lovely pet.


**Don't look at the figurative art in front of the cat for too long - it might be jealous.


**Not every cat likes abstract painting, but everyone is delighted with the painting still life in the oil technique.


**Remember that cats are curious; do not let them touch the artwork for sale with their paws.


**It is better to keep the cat potty outside the home-gallery 


**So that the cat calmly perceives your collecting, tell him more often about the Renaissance or the Flemish school of painting still life.

**If you have a home art museum, it doesn’t matter whether your cat is purebred; the first prize for an intelligent look at any competition goes to him.


**The cat does not need to be convinced to pose if it understands that you ordered its artistic portrait.


**Cats have been proven to prefer their portrait art in oil techniques.


**Not every cat likes the Tom and Jerry cartoon.


**The statement that the geese once saved Rome is not entirely true—the geese were alarmed by the cats.


**The cats living in the center of Rome are the best experts on ancient architecture in the capital of Italy. They like to mark famous buildings too.


**Modern Roman cats have been proven to prefer Raphael over Botticelli if a bowl of cat food is placed under Raphael's art work.


**A cat who grew up in a house with an art gallery will never betray you. You can safely inflate the price of a recently acquired painting several times in a conversation with friends.


**As for dogs, with rare exceptions, they care more about landscape art painting.





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