We always need ‘’Hope.’’

Published on 20 November 2023 at 22:43

Jane woke up at the first light. Today, the yacht  ''Hope '', on which her father sails in the Caribbean, should return to the pier of the local yacht club.

She would be there earlier, and the upcoming meeting with her father filled her with joy.

But first, she needs to gather some fresh apples from the garden, and then her grandmother will make the apple pie her father loves.

She had so much to tell Daddy about the newcomer who had shown up in their class a week ago.

She was not surprised when the teacher introduced the course and offered him to sit in any free seat, and he chose a chair next to her.

Everyone smiled then because there were now two redheads in the class with the same hair colour and abundant freckles.

True, her eyes were green, while his eyes were piercingly blue, like the sea on the far horizon.

After the lessons, he threw his backpack over one shoulder and hers over the other, and smiling, he nodded towards the exit. Once again, Jane was not surprised but considered his actions ordinary and, at the same time, delighted, somehow expecting something big and vital.


Then, she also remembered that Papa had promised her a ginger kitten with yellow eyes. That is why they should also visit a pet shelter, where a kitten is probably already waiting.

More than anything, Jane loved those rare encounters with her father, when his strong arms would lift her in the air, and they would whirl in some magical dance. His soft black beard tickled her cheeks, and his hair smelled like the salty sea.

She didn't remember her mother at all.

Recently, the grandmother said that her mother had died during childbirth. And the father, then still young but making a successful career as a lieutenant of the navy to be close to the baby, resigned.

Soon, they bought a small bungalow in South Florida and moved with their grandmother to this small town, where their father got a job at the local yacht club to teach young sailors to sail.


A few months ago, the new yacht club management decided to buy a yacht and organize cruises to different Caribbean islands for visiting town guests.

And, of course, Jane's father was appointed yacht captain.

And now she was waiting for him after his voyage.

The day was hot, and from time to time, Jane jumped into the water but immediately surfaced again and looked at the horizon, waiting for a snow-white yacht named ''Hope''.

The sun almost touched the sea on the horizon, but the vessel was still not there.


Grandma came and called out to Jane. Sad, they went home in an embrace, looking back every minute, hoping the yacht would appear.


That evening, Grandma hesitated to tell Jane about a phone call from the Coast Guard headquarters that local rescuers had found the yacht named ‘’Hope’’ with a broken mast and no crew near an island west of Puerto Rico.

My friend, a ginger cat like me, told me this depressing tale a few days ago.

By the way, together with his owners, he recently moved to our city from Florida.

And this morning, I decided to visit him. There was no particular case—just a desire to chat about this and that.

Jumping on their fence, I saw two men and one woman sitting on a cozy veranda having morning coffee.

Sitting further away, my friend scratched his head—quite a peaceful scene.

But the rather peculiar center of this picture was the two redheads, a woman and a younger man, with the same freckles on their faces.

 But the woman's eyes were green, while the man's eyes were blue. Sitting opposite, an elderly but powerfully built man was completely gray-haired with the same gray beard.


I decided not to disturb this idyll and jumped into our backyard.




At home, my master once again updated the exposition of paintings in the living room.

Having glanced at the result of his work, I was about to go to the bowl with my nuts as I stared wide-eyed at one of the paintings depicting a young girl.

She sat on the seashore at sunset and peered at the horizon as if expecting someone—just some deja vu.


Hi all.

As the owner of this red-haired fibber, I must add a few words.

My wife, Elena, painted that picture with the girl on the shore some time ago.

She called it ''Anticipation.''


To those who read this text to the end, I have a question: '' Have you often managed to see in the pictures not only, say, the play of light and shadow and exciting colours but also a specific plot?''


As always, we welcome any comments and questions.

For those interested in buying this artwork, I am sending you to the webshop page.


Let’s make our world brighter!


Nik and Charlie. November 2023.


''Anticipation" is an original oil painting.

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