‘’Botticelli and others.’’

Published on 13 November 2023 at 17:43

"Sandro, my friend, try to understand me."

A massive hand with diamond finger rings grabbed Botticelli by the shoulder.

I am confident that decades will pass and descendants will name our period the Renaissance or rebirth time."

Lorenzo de Medici said, hands outstretched to the fireplace flames.

Please consider this term's meaning in your next #painting.



Upon seeing the stained glass window, Sandro Botticelli pondered, "Rebirth... birth... Venus..." Thus, the Goddess of Love, Venus, is born!

"Yes, my lord," he greeted Medici with a smile. I understand you.


Lorenzo, applauded as an attendant, came from behind a column carrying a silver tray on which a leather bag with the LdM monogram was placed.


"I am giving you an advance, Sandro, and suppose that by 1485, we will all applaud your new #canvas."


With a respectful bow, Botticelli remarked, "Let me note, sir, that outside the window, it is 1482."


Medici looked up at the cross and declared,

"The Lord does not set short time frames for true artists until the artist himself declares his masterpieces finished."


Botticelli had no choice but to bow his head even lower.







Hi pal!
Ginger cat Charlie returns. One of my most startling dreams occurred during my afternoon slumber.

Thanks to my hosts again. 

Elena and Nik talked at lunch a few hours ago and are considering which paintings to show at the forthcoming art show.

Elena suggested presenting her variant of Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus."

My mental link to that name led me to Florence in 1482.




I "witnessed" Sandro Botticelli and Lorenzo de Medici talking in Florence's family palace halls. I wanted to stay in this grand hall to watch how the castle owner accepted Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci that day.




These individuals' size and importance in Italy's history are beyond the imagination of an average ginger cat, especially when I had to wake up to nibble on my favorite nuts (dry food).

Surprisingly, I gnawed my nuts while thinking about Florence. After some time, during my usual day nap, I eventually realized where I was. 

I was in Florence again, and that day was so sunny.


On September 8, 1504, early in the morning, people gathered at Florence's Piazza della Signoria near the Palazzo Vecchio to celebrate Mary's birth and see Michelangelo's sculpture of David, installed just a day before.

In the crowd, I spotted a few of Michelangelo's renowned compatriots - Rafael, who looked tired.
Leonardo da Vinci, standing not so far from Rafael, with his eyes squinting because of the bright sun.
Close to me, I saw Botticelli look at those around him with slight irony.



Hi, folks. I have something to say now that Nik is here.

The tale of my wife's Botticelli is different. We stood before Botticelli's Venus at Florence's Ufizzi Gallery one day.

A melancholy grin surprised Elena.

This joyless grin underlined the simple concept of a woman's always-brutal fate.

Botticelli's plan is similar to a woman's birth for love.




Elena then painted a #portrait of Venus, depicting women's fantasies in blue tones on the left and Venus's actual reality in grey tones with all the traits of a modern woman on the right.


Again, I question individuals who have read this: "How interesting can a modern interpretation of Renaissance master #paintings be today?"


We are always pleased to hear your comments.


Nik and Charlie.


November. 2023.

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