''What is not worth dreaming about...''

Published on 30 October 2023 at 15:43

Hello there, my friend!

 Charlie, the ginger cat, has returned.

I promised to tell you my uncle’s story, connected with my hostess's #artwork in a very unexpected way.


Nobody knows when my uncle heard it. But everyone can imagine that cat borning in a library can always compose unexpected histories.

He once overheard an exciting talk between two men.

Jeremy and Paul were their names.

Jeremy was perplexed and attempted to locate something on a bookshelf.

"Are you going on vacation?" Paul inquired.

Are you trying to look for an engaging thriller  for spending flight time?"



"I require a chronicle." Jeremy said, "I need specific information about the period of the pirate wars at the Caribbean Sea during Captain's Blood."

Paul's eyes were wide open.

Jeremy quickly explained why he needed that chronicle: ''This might be nonsense, but we all know that strange things happen.

I read the well-known ''Odessey of Captain Blood'' once more. Is this a book you've read before?

Paul moved his head in different directions as he gazed at Jeremy.


And Jeremy finished his narrative, beaming.


''Captain Blood was wrongfully condemned in England and sent as a slave to Barbados,

But he managed not only to escape the humiliating situation of an enslaved person but also to become the leader of a company of sailors and even seize a sailing ship.


In those days, there were tales about his honesty and bravery.


However, after a fierce struggle with the Spanish squadron, his unit was forced to anchor in an unfamiliar cove.




The mooring happened at night, and they noticed the English flag floating on top of a high hill on the fort's ramparts the following day.

The cannonball shot from the defense soared over their ship and burst far to the starboard side, much to their delight.

How shocked the assault team sailors were when, after capturing the bastion, they discovered that just a tiny detachment of troops guarded the whole fort!

For a month or two, the entire fort leadership had been following someplace around the seas, trying to apprehend Captain Blood on the instructions of His Majesty the King of England.

Captain Blood needed one week to fix the ship and refill the freshwater supply, which he took advantage of.

And I recently discovered that Blood concealed a chest with his portion of the treasure on the slope of that hill in the same week. The coordinates of this location were strangely presented, as is typical with Blood.



 Of course, you must first go to this island.


Second, you should go at the beginning of the month, when the barberry flowers bloom on the fort's slopes.



When a rainbow appears on the horizon in the afternoon rain, you should be where the most extended branch of the barberry bush bisects the semicircle beneath the rainbow.

The wealth of Captain Blood is concealed behind this shrub. On the bay's east shore, a shrub should develop. So, in a nutshell, I'm going to discover that treasure!




As for me, after my snooze, I finished my delicious tuna and started to scratch my head when I noticed the #painting on the dining room wall.

I saw on it a rainbow over the blue sea, a blooming barberry on the slope, and a bay with two hills on the left side.

All of them reminded me of something very familiar.

I even paused to scratch my brow.


Jeremy was so convincing and enthusiastic that Paul was not just astonished;

He questioned if Jeremy had gone insane and asked, "Hey, fellow, did you visit a doctor?"

But there was nothing to stop Jeremy; his final comments merely reinforced Paul's concerns.

Looking over Paul's shoulder, Jeremy remarked condescendingly that he had already resigned from the company to which he had devoted the best years of his life and would now be free to pursue his ambition.

After that, Paul left the library but couldn't open the vehicle door for long due to his tense state.



Elena's original painting, titled ''Heart of Ocean.''

Those interested in buying it can click on the Webshop page.

Hello, dear reader. Nik has arrived.

I had no idea our cat could be such a fantastic fibber.

My wife created the painting Charlie mentioned.

Elena created an artwork from my snapshot when we returned from our Caribbean holiday.

The first person, who can answer my question will receive a 10% discount on the purchase.

The query is: Pitons are two high volcanic plugs on one of the Caribbean Sea's islands. What are the island's and capital's names?


As always, we welcome your feedback. When I read it to Charlie, he purrs loudly enough.


Let us make our planet a better one!

 Best wishes.


Charlie and Nik

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Yuri Vachenko
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Very cool!

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I'm glad to read this. Thank you.

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What an interesting story . Can’t wait to read more