How do you stop being envious?

Published on 23 October 2023 at 10:55

I hope you have a wonderful day, my buddy!

Ginger cat Charlie has arrived.

Today, you will read my new narrative, but first, I want to thank everyone who responded to the last one.

My host occasionally replaces the #paintings in our house. He's pulling fresh ones from my mistress's art studio or their archive, and I'm seeing them on the walls.

That action always has a surprising meaning for me. I saw my uncle's #portrait today.

He wasn't the only one there. A pretty girl is shown near him, most likely reading an intriguing book.

My mother once told me about her brother when I was pretty minor.


He was such a lucky guy, since he was born into an affluent family.

On the lake's bank, they constructed a sizable, comfortable house.

They had an interesting art collection.

My uncle's mother gave birth in the house's library.

 So, from the start, this adorable kitty could listen to fairytales and peruse the #art collection whenever he pleased.

The lady of that residence, by the way, was a professional pianist; on some evenings, the house was filled with music.




So, of course, he was overjoyed, and even the most tiny daughter adored him.


As for me, this existence feels too sweet.

Under such greenhouse circumstances, how can you learn about the world?


On the other hand, I live in a home #art gallery, and my host occasionally plays guitar.


My mistress enjoys creating #oil paintings, and they feed me whatever I want.





Something bothered me here until I realized my uncle was a fantastic storyteller and fibber. I'll tell you some of his stories the next time we meet.

 And now you may see the #artwork of a little girl and my uncle. They are adorable.

But I have a question for you, my friend:

''Is it essential to live in harsh conditions and never listen to fairytales to understand life?''

 We appreciate any comments.

I always look at my host the next day after publishing and only then agree to eat.


Charlie and Nik, See you soon, my friend.


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titled "Two Smart Kittens," please visit our webshop page.

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