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Published on 16 October 2023 at 11:44

Good day, dear friend!

Ginger cat Charlie has arrived.

 I'm delighted to see you again and have some new impressions from last week.

Regarding the last post's comments, I thank everyone who spoke. However, certain opinions were indisputable.

You should know how much I enjoy lying on my host's table, primarily while he works on his laptop.

Everything was the same as usual today: he worked, and I lay beside his laptop, looking at a replica of a picture in which a thin girl tries to remain on the ball while a gigantic person sits on a giant cube and watches her.

 I also spotted a people, a dog and a horse on the hills far behind them.

My gracious host began telling me about the creation of this "Girl on the Ball," as well as Pablo Picasso, the City of Paris at the turn of the century, Gertrude Stein, Henri Matisse, and others, but I had forgotten who else.

 How can a ginger cat listen to and comprehend these stories? 

Brrr.  But, of course, I listened with an intelligent muzzle before leaping off the table.

After that, I went to nibble on my delicious nuts and slumber. 

Then, in my dream, I appeared again in the City of Paris in 1906 at 27 rue de Fleurus. I sat in front of the large window that extended almost to the cobblestone sidewalk.

Some fat grey cat peering through the window beckoned me in with a nod. I didn't hesitate and walked into the house with a bunch of well-dressed, curious people.

''Pablo, finally you are here!'' cried a gorgeous woman with a long, thin cigarette to one of them with a bright smile. How are you doing? ''Dear buddy!''

Someone grabbed me and pulled me to the other side, saying, "Let us not bother them. We will be sat together on the ledge.

I have comfortable pillows there, you see.'' Oh, that was the same grey cat.

 He presented himself as an essential person. ''I am Charles, and I reside here with my hostess, Madam Gertrude Stein,'' he said. ''She is an American writer and art collector who hosts a salon in Paris and loves to live here. ''

I also had to pretend I wasn't simply a street cat and settle on the cushions with dignity.

The salon was lavishly equipped, with paintings of all genres adorning the walls and a beautiful chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

Ladies in artsy-craftsy gowns and headgear smiled politely at their friends. Well-dressed guys smoked cigars, bowed, or nodded to their counterparts. The servers barely had time to offer the food and champagne.


The celebration got quite lively and boisterous.

In the center of the salon stood a piano with an open lid.

Some guy performed a highly melodic tune vigorously and masterfully.

''Yes, monsieur, you are gazing at a great composer and musician, Erik Satie,'' replied my new acquaintance Charles.

I recall him as a superb young pianist in a Montmartre cafe cabaret.''

I offered a little nod instead of opening my eyes wide.

A small group of well-dressed men and ladies with glasses of champagne surrounded Erik Satie.

Their dreamy smiles and half-opened eyes revealed their good spirits.

 Some muffled voices became more audible from the other side of the room.

 The lovely young lady sat in the middle of the couch. A handsome man with flaming eyes and crossed arms across his chest sat on her left side, while another man with close-set eyes and a prominent nose sat on her right.

 His expression was filled with annoyance. Three guys sat opposite them, interrupting each other as they fought over several shows and urged that those seated present particular artworks.

 ''You see, Jeanne Hébuterne, that beauty in the sofa's center,'' Charles remarked leniently.

Amadeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso are on both sides of her.

You undoubtedly know she's an artist and a model for both of them, but now lovely Fernande Olivier is Pablo Picasso's muse, and someone knows she's more than that.

My old friend, those arguing guys are now significant figures in modern France's arts and literary scene.

It is so simple to grasp when you read any Paris newspaper. My buddy, you may see Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, and Guillaume Apollinaire here.''


Meanwhile, this raucous crew chose to head straight to 13 Rue Ravignan in Montmartre, widely known to many as the Bateau-Lavoir, their well-known house and studio complex.


''Do you want to follow them?'' questioned Charles.

''However, you won't see anything intriguing there - all abstruse conflicts will end up in boring drinks,'' he said, detecting my uncertainty.


Conversely, I was itching to return home and tell my host about my journey. That's why I graciously bowed out and made him promise to pay me a visit to our house.

Then, as I awoke at my house, I reflected on the lengthy era between 1906 and 2023. Something here perplexed me, but the crucial thing was his commitment to visit.

My host greeted me in his office, where he had displayed several paintings on the wall. The same girl was on the move, attempting to find a solid posture, but something had changed.

 I appreciate you being there for me throughout this narrative, my friend.



As his host, I would like to share our cat's narrative.

Jeanne Hébuterne, Modigliani's lover and a skilled artist herself, may have indirectly introduced him to Picasso during that beautiful era when he was in Madam Stein's salon.

Hébuterne posed for both artists, and it is speculated that she brought Modigliani to Picasso, which resulted in some influence or inspiration between the two.


The painting in my office is my wife's latest rendition of Picasso's iconic ''Girl on the Ball'' or ''Acrobat on the Ball.''

You can read the history of the creation of this painting in the description. (webshop page)


''What would be more fascinating and important: an identical duplicate of a legendary artist's work or a new look by a current artist of the same painting?''

This is the central question for the reader.


As always, we welcome your feedback. I looked at Charlie, who nodded in agreement.

 Let us brighten our planet and your home!

Charlie and Nik, See you then!.

Original oil painting. ''On top of the unstable world.''

Those interested in purchasing it should go to our webshop, where the painting may be found.

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