Does art imitate life?

Published on 9 October 2023 at 14:04


There was smoke, the boom of gunshots, people shouting, and the whistling of bullets on that street.

A substantial barricade of cobblestones, broken bricks, wooden barrels, and debris was on the other side of this street.

People were unintentionally shooting weapons into the plaza.

A cannon shot sounded from the side of the square., but I heard horses clattering behind me. Four horses drew the carriage.

They charged towards me, and I noticed the coachman's eyes widen in dread. He attempted to steer the horses appropriately.

I jumped onto the step of the carriage just in time as the core had fallen a second earlier where I was.

Thank God, we were unharmed. The core did not explode., but everything was the same on the opposite side of the street.

I got outside before the next roadblock and spotted the young woman.

Everyone surrounding her jumped up and cried, "Liberte or die!" as she raised the three-color flag above her head.


I'm delighted to see you again, my dear friend, and

 I appreciate your remarks on the prior post.


You have yet to learn what I've recently discovered!


 When my host holds my head in his arms and stares deeply into my tiger-yellow eyes for a few moments,

I get the impression he understands not only my current thoughts but also my dreams from the night before.

Moreover, anytime I observe him mumbling about anything while glancing at some of the paintings on the wall, this knowledge is instantly stored in my memory.

For example, I caught him admiring a brilliant flower painting yesterday, and he said, "Delacroix, Delacroix, who could imagine?"

It sounded ridiculous, but tonight, in my nighttime dream,

I found myself amid the hottest events in the City of Paris, 1830—the year of one of the French Revolutions.



I also noticed a man among them sporting fashionable clothing and a colorful neckerchief. He was so overjoyed that he screamed along with everyone else.

A vast guy burst from an adjacent entrance, seized the shaped man, and hauled him inside, crying, "Le Monsieur Delacroix, it's hazardous here!" 

I didn't hesitate and followed them through the same door, then the next, ending up in a large room with paintings of all sizes on the walls.

There was a distinct odor of oil paint and a few easels along the right wall.


This dude requested a drink of wine from the vast guy and then used charcoal to sketch something on the enormous white canvas.

A few minutes later, I noticed a familiar barrier with the same three-color flag above the young woman.

We could hear bullets outside the window, but this guy was working so enthusiastically that he didn't appear to notice.

His eyes were slightly closed but brilliant when he opened them wide. He eventually decided to strip the woman's breasts naked.

He was so taken with the concept that he burst out laughing and begged for more wine.

I gradually awoke and began to examine the paintings displayed on the walls, the floor, and a windowsill.

The majority of them were created in the manner of the "Old Masters."

But one of them felt familiar to me. I have seen this Still Life at our home.


There was another explosion on the street.

But I couldn't hear anything since I was distracted by the aroma of my great meal and the lovely scents of my house when I got up at that hour. 


 Our ginger cat, Charlie, had a dream about it last night, dear reader.

He ended himself at the workshop of legendary French painter Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix.


Concerning the picture, I've always wondered why Delacrouis chose Still Life with Flowers.

He was renowned as the Master of essential works such as some hunting scenes or my lovely one "Liberty Leading the People."

When I was 13 or 14, I saw this image for the first time.

The young woman's exposed breasts at that precise moment impressed me.


And now I'd like to ask you, dear reader, "What picture from your childhood do you remember?"

Also, please explain: "What struck you at the time?"

As always, we'd love to hear your opinions, and Charlie is ready.


 Let us work together to make the world a better place for everyone. Best regards.



Nik and Charlie



Original still life made by Elena.

 If you enjoy Old Masters-style still life paintings, you can buy Elena's creation of Delacroix's theme from our website's store.

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Yuri Vachenko
8 months ago

That art I understand!