"About an Artist's Fate."

Published on 2 October 2023 at 15:30

Hello, my friend!

Ginger cat Charlie is back with you today, just as I promised.

 I want to share my newest discovery with you.

 Have you ever experienced that feeling when someone's gaze from a painting follows you, regardless of which side you're on?

A similar portrait of a young woman hangs in my family's home. One day, I decided to find out more about her.

I sat across from the painting, donning a clever and contemplative expression as my Host passed by.

With a light smile, he noticed and began to tell me about Johannes Vermeer, the Netherlands, the City of Delft, and his famous painting, "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

 His storytelling prowess was unmatched, and he assumed everyone understood him completely.

As for me, I continued to sit there with the same clever expression.

But what happened next, I only understood later...

I was sleeping soundly, but I suddenly awoke and found myself in the mid-17th century, in the City of Delft.

I stood in the Vermeer family home, unsure if it was reality or a dream.

Perched on a fireplace mantel in Johannes Vermeer's studio, I saw a nearly identical portrait of the young girl on his easel—those same captivating eyes—and there was Johannes Vermeer himself, studying the painting with a brush between his teeth.


The fireplace barely emitted warmth, casting dim light from the candlesticks.

The door creaked open, and Johannes's wife, Catharina, entered the studio carrying another candlestick.

She smiled at her husband and approached me as if Catharina could see right through me.

She placed the candlestick beside, added firewood to the fireplace, and began sharing some local gossip she'd heard at the butcher shop.

Johannes tried to listen, but his thoughts seemed elsewhere, deep in contemplation.

She discussed rising food prices for the week and the necessity of purchasing winter clothes for their older children next month.

He interrupted her briefly, exclaiming, "Oh, my God, Catharina! I cannot wait for this oil painting to dry. I must finish her as soon as possible."

She responded slightly surprisedly, "Do you already have a buyer for her?"

However, he had already given in to his thoughts and declined to respond to her query.

As for me, I suddenly glimpsed their future, one marked by hardship.

"Johannes Vermeer will pass away in ten years, leaving his wife with eleven children.

He'll continue to make a living as a painter in these years, but they will face financial difficulties.

His untimely death will cut short his artistic career, and his work will remain largely forgotten until the 19th century, when he'll be rediscovered and celebrated as a master of Dutch art."

I felt despondent and decided to leave their home to explore the city of Delft.

 Oh, my friend, it was exhilarating and awe-inspiring. The Market Square, which was close to their home, was bustling with activity, with a spinning carousel at its center and a happy crowd surrounding it.

Small shops offered snacks, beer, wine, and unique souvenirs along the square's perimeter. It was a spectacle of lights and happiness.

Then, I spotted narrow canals surrounding the vibrant Market Square, with various boats drifting along their shores. Brick houses adorned with intricate architectural details and artwork lined these narrow waterways.

Everything appeared so enchanting, reminding me of the beauty of life. I hopped onto a bridge railing to get a better view but accidentally tumbled into the water, about to make a splash when...

I woke up in my own home. Amid the confusion, my first thought was about the artist's fate and how people often fail to recognize talent until it's too late.

I noticed that the girl from the portrait in my home was slightly different from Vermeer's Girl, but I pushed those thoughts aside for now.

After such a dream, I needed some food and one more nap. But I am grateful to you, my friend, for being with me throughout this story.

Until next time.


P.S. This entire story was "conveyed" to me by our ginger cat, Charlie.

Regarding the portrait in our house, my wife created a contemporary version of  Vermeer.

She titled it "Across the Times" or "The Timeless Beauty."

I prefer her performance because it resonates with modern life, featuring elements like dreads, tattoos, piercings, etc.

What do you, dear reader, think about the modern version?

We welcome your comments.

Charlie has been quite mysterious all week, as if he holds a secret, often wearing a sly smile.

All the best.

Nik and Charlie.

Let's make our world brighter!

                                                                                                                                                                                     ‘’Across the Times.’’ Original oil painting.

Those  interested in buying this painting, visit our webshiop, please.

''Across the Times.'' Interior. Example.

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